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SICANIASC: consulting and training, for the tourism business, under a single brand. Since 2007, we have been dealing mostly with the COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT of hotels all over the country. Our goal is and has always been to act as a qualified external support in synergy with the needs of the ever-growing hotel market. Through REVENUE MANAGEMENT POLICIES AND TECHNIQUES we analyze, plan and implement sales strategies tailored for all types of hotels, including start-ups.


We supply ad-hoc Training, tailored on the hotel characteristics and provided directly to the staff and/or the Management at the Hotel, by Vito D'Amico.


Goal: To increase the hotel turnover and occupancy, aiming at profit maximization and fixed costs optimization.

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MyForecast is a "Forecast On Line" for the analysis of historical data and the management of daily pricing policies.
is 100% web-based and can be integrated also with your Channel Manager.
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The format dedicated to pure training, a space for hoteliers and all stakeholders. Formazione RossoSicaniasc has a double face: Live and Online. Topics covered many and varied: Revenue Management, Electronic Distribution, Web & Social Marketing, Technology for tourism, Reputation and Metasearch, management control ... and more



Revenue Manager & Owner Sicaniasc

Vito D’Amico

The Boss

Revenue & Distribution

Maria Caravella

The Right Hand

Event & Inbound Marketing Coordinator

Anna Benenati

Problem Solver

Accounting & Business Administration

Antonio Morina

The Correct

OnLine Distribution 
& Partner Support

Antonio Rigano

Social, but only offline

Coordinator Sales &
Marketing Hotels

Renata Scalia

The Perfectionist

Brand & Communities Specialist

Salvo Campione


Sales & Marketing Assistant

Isabella Sanzo

The Optimist


Martina Ricci Gori

Business Addicted

Analyst & Marketing Assistant

Valeria Caprì

The Sailor

Accounting Officer

Daniela Abbruzzo

The Warrior

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Sicaniasc Crew

The #RedCat




- 1780 hours of training
- 9684 cups of coffee
- 470 flights taken
- 23 lost flights


"Our" Revenue Management should be understood in a broad sense: we manage the pricing policy and on/off line sales channels directly, we reduce the work load of the hotel staff and develop specific Product Marketing actions. The result is the optimization of average occupancy over the year and the maximization of sales. To follow this ever-evolving market we develop complex projects of Marketing and Communication which complete our offer to our Hotel Partners.
The aim is always and only the optimization of the results. Good communication is the basis for the development of the hotel brand.




-Analysis of historical data and Forecasting-

Analysis of the hotel situation through the historical data. This analysis will establish the future tariff policy, which we always share with the property management. We will aim at applying a strongly Revenue-Oriented policy, customized to suit the needs and the latest trends of the market.

  • Analysis and optimization of commercial policies and pricing
  • Strategic management of the daily tariff policy, on-line and off-line
  • Daily assessment of the tariff levels applied online
  • Continuous analysis of the of booking flow supplied by the sales channels
  • Creating diversified tariff plans based on the demand and the market needs
  • Analysis of the hotel service in order to increase online feedbacks and reviews
  • Analysis and development of Brand Reputation activities


-On-line and off-line Sales Channels-

We will analyze new distribution channels keeping into account the client's needs and making an assessment of the existing ones. We will also optimize the content of the sales channels (texts, photos, etc.), so that they are effective and performing.

  • Continuous research and analysis of new on-line sales channels and contract management
  • Creation of new products and management of connections between the channels and the channel manager
  • Creation of promotions for the web
  • Tariff harmonization of all the sales channels used
  • Operational daily management of on-line sales channels
  • Daily check of the booking pick up
  • Daily check of quotas on all the on-line sales channels
  • Optimizing the contents of on-line sales channels


-Identification of product and target audience-

Product Marketing has a key function in maximizing the REVENUE of every single hotel.

The starting point for this work is the analysis, based on the collection of data on the destination, the study of the market and the target audience, benchmarking, extrapolation of historical data on production, sales channels, source markets and occupancy:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Study of the target market
  • Definition of the competitive landscape
  • Collection of statistical data on flows and origin of guests (observatories, institutions, etc.).
  • Search for USP "Unique Selling Points"
  • Calculation of indexes on stays, such as: ADR, RevPAR, Length of Stay, Booking Window, etc. depending on the season, markets and origin
  • Analysis and assessment of the complete mapping of the hotel hdistribution
  • Analysis of production for individual business customers and for macro-segments

Through the analysis and the correct interpretation of the data, you can define the Product.

After studying the offer of the hotel structure and defining the product and its target market, we will select new alternative, opaque, on-line and traditional channels and the related contracts.

We will design specific holiday packages and specific co-marketing activities, finding and developing the customer portfolio for each market segment.

We will develop the MICE product, building a complete and effective offer to increase the hotel revenue through meetings and events. We will select and contact PCOs and DMCs specialized in the target market to present them our clients' product.


-Branding, Social Media & Email Marketing-

We will create a project that aims at the development of the brand and to increase the visibility of the structure.

The research and the management of Social channels will allow us to reach a high number of visitors and potential customers. Through the same channels, direct mailings and appropriate tools, you can create targeted promotions or give greater prominence to the existing ones. The result will be an increase in Brand Awareness, Visibility and on-line Reputation.

We will also develop a communication plan for on-line and off-line press channels. Reports will be provided at regular intervals and will contain the trends and the feedback on the performance of every single action, to allow you to assess the results.


Training programs for the staff and the management are the basis on which we build the hotel commercial development.
Each department requires special training actions, specifically designed on the characteristics of the structure. Thanks to the experience gained over many years in this field, we offer practical solutions to all the problems that arise every day in the hotel and we work to help you face and solve them. Our lessons are based on the practical implications of notions and theories, aiming at optimizing the production in all of the hotel departments and at promoting the disintermediation of sales.

Price Management

  • From Yield to Revenue
  • Analysis of historical data
  • Costs
  • Market Segments
  • Forecasting
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • RevPAR Index
  • Deseasonalization
  • Nesting

Electronic distribution

  • On-line sales Channels: IDS and GDS
  • Last minute and Web Direct
  • Marketing

Sales & Marketing at the Front Office

  • Sales
  • Sales techniques
  • Persuasive communication
  • Negotiations on the phone
  • In-house Selling
  • Ancillary Services
  • Spillage/Spoilage
  • Rtp/Rps
  • Brand Reputation
  • Disintermediation

Training provided by Sicaniasc's partners

Management control

The other side of Revenue Management. Management control is the process by which the "operator" ensures that operations are carried out efficienctly and effectively. The ultimate goal is the achievement of the specified objectives.

Wellness Centres and Spas

Among the most "profitable" departments in a hotel we must mention the Wellness area. Spas have now become a must for hotels of higher category, and can become the spearhead of the whole structure. The achievement of the objectives, in terms of turnover, can be strongly affected by this department.

Food & Beverage

As it happens with the hotel wellness area, the Food & Beverage department is also a crucial one. A good restaurant, as well as a Bar or even the room service, may become a profitable section of your business and a source of good reputation, whatever the category of your hotel. Good hospitality is communicated by apparently little details, such as a bottle of water in the room.

Customers & Partners


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